Estate Planning Services

Contentious Probate Disputes
Legal disputes regarding Wills and inheritance has been increasing year on year, due in part to many complex family structures, individual's awareness of their legal rights and a greater wealth accumulation in later life.
All to often these disputes are complex and emotionally charged, commonly being between family members. Every probate dispute causes great worry and anxiety for the families involved.
The law within this arena can be complicated and therefore seeking specialist advice as soon as possible is important, to try and narrow the issues. 
Contentious probate disputes are related to the administration of the estate of someone that has died, which could involve a dispute over the value of the assets within the estate, interpretation of the Will, the validity or lack of a Will, dealing with difficult executors or feuding beneficiaries, disputes over property and land, contesting a Will, claims of lack of capacity and/or undue influence or claims for reasonable financial provision to be made under the inheritance Act.  
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