• Kate Mahon

Could this be the best compliment we have ever received?!

We were visited by some lovely clients before Christmas 2019 and they emailed me following their visit to say:

We both enjoyed our visit to yourselves this afternoon . Which is quite something when lawyers are involved!

This sums up what we are about very neatly and it really makes my heart glow when I read reviews like this as this is exactly what I strive to achieve at Davidson Mahon. We are the exact opposite to what you would expect of the traditional stereotypical lawyer; we are not stuffy, we don't wear suits (and can often be found with our wellies and waterproofs on walking the dogs), we are friendly and approachable (we do smile and laugh a lot) , we talk in a language you will understand (i.e. plain English) and we are all women (not by design; that's just the way it is)! So why don't you drop by and see what we are all about!

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