• Kate Mahon

Our Alison is running the London Marathon!!

Anyone who has met Alison will agree, she is a force of nature! She jokes that she's the type of person you never forget and I can totally agree because I am in awe of her to be honest. I'm not entirely sure how she fits everything into her busy schedule of lawyering, being a local councillor, a mum to a teenager, a wife and a generally upstanding member of the community (she organises monthly litter picks for goodness sake and manages to keep in touch with all of her family and friends). I often joke that she should wear her pants on the outside as she really is Wonder Woman!!

Now, to add to her already busy schedule, Alison is training for the London Marathon in April. She is up to 17 miles and has run in the most atrocious conditions, including Storm Dennis. How she fits these training runs into her schedule, I honestly don't know. I'm beginning to wonder if she sleeps....!

Alison is running for ABF The Soldiers' Charity who provide vital support to soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need. For Soldiers. For Life.  Please, please, please can you help Alison provide them with vital funds to support our Armed Forces and support her phenomenal effort to complete her first marathon (she says it's her one and only, but I don'

t believe her!).

Here is the link to Alison's fundraising page. Please do give all you can to this amazing cause and to support our wonderful Alison too

Thank you!

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