Estate Planning Services

Probate and Estate Administration
Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a very difficult time. We offer a range of services to assist you from obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration to carrying out the administration of an estate.
When someone dies, it is necessary to administer their estate which, in very simple terms, involves ascertaining their assets and liabilities, applying for a Grant of Representation (if required), discharging any Inheritance Tax (if any), collecting in their assets and discharging their liabilities and distributing the remainder of their estate to the beneficiaries.
If the deceased left a Will they should have appointed Executors in their Will who are then responsible for administering the estate. If the deceased did not leave a Will, then they have died "intestate" and the person or persons responsible for administering the estate will be determined by who is entitled under law to benefit from their estate.
If a Grant of Representation in required (which will generally always be the case if the deceased owned a property in their sole name or if they have assets in a single bank account over the sum of £50,000) and there is a Will, this is usually referred to as a Grant of Probate. If there is no Will then this is usually referred to as a Grant of Letters of Administration. 
If the estate is simple, then some may be happy to administer the estate themselves without the need to involve a solicitor or other legal professional and detailed guidance on how you can do this can be found at
Some may require assistance from a solicitor or other legal professional to help them administer an estate, especially if the estate is complex, or we may be appointed as Executors of the deceased's estate under the terms of their Will.
Please see here for details of our prices which has been prepared to give you as much information as possible about the different levels of service we can provide, the likely fees and disbursements (payments we make to others on your behalf) and the likely timescales.
As you can imagine, each and every estate that needs to be administered on death is different and the amount of work and timescales involved can vary enormously. Therefore, our guidance on our fees and timescales is based on our previous experience. If you would like a formal quotation tailored to your matter, then please get in touch with us.