Estate Planning Services

Wills, Inheritance Tax and Future Planning 
A Will is one of the most important documents you should put in place to ensure your estate passes in accordance with your wishes and not in accordance with the Intestacy Rules, as set out in statute. Having a Will and planning for your future will make life a lot easier for those you leave behind.

A Will can also preserve assets for future generations and also maximise any Inheritance Tax reliefs that may be available in respect of your assets, for example, business owners and farmers.

We understand many people do not like discussing what will happen when they or their loved ones pass away. You can be assured of empathy and understanding to help you prepare your Will in a simple and straightforward manner.

Our Wills are offered on a fixed fee basis giving you peace of mind at the outset of your matter. Our fees start from £375 inclusive of VAT for a single (relatively straight forward) Will and our maximum fees are £1,500 inclusive of VAT for "mirror" Wills i..e for spouses/civil partners and which include trust provisions and a detailed Letter of Wish to accompany the Will.

For clients who own their own business or farming business, we will ensure your Will and your business is structured in such a way so as to maximise any reliefs from Inheritance Tax that may be available on your assets. We will also work with you to ensure your succession plans can be carried out effectively. Additional advice in this respect is charged at our hourly rates which range from £250 inclusive of VAT to £270 inclusive of VAT.